Sunday, September 25, 2011

Public Server is Finally up!

     It's been a long time waiting but the public server is now up and operational... Anyone who played MineCraft on Fnord Servers before will have a few issues, like a cleared inventory (bummer), and also you won't have your /home set, so you'll have to reset that manually, and also don't be too alarmed when your chests are all rotated 90 degrees, the contents in your chests should be there... Other than that there are now multiple worlds, the server is a but rough around the edges and i'm doing what I can to tidy up a bit, but it's fully functional and people should be able to hop on and start crafting all they want. Each area has it's own map, and there are tons of other goodies ready for discovery. 

 Fnord Inc. Minecraft Server IP:
 Also note that the Test Server is now Down, and there is no longer a 1.7 server... you may also choose to use SpoutCraft, however that is not fully tested and implemented on the server and is NOT required...


  1. hey
    this is 918kid
    i was on your server with octobit
    i was a little dissapointed that you didnt give me creative to build that lighthouse i can build you a great submarine for your spawn if you need anyhelp just ask me. ill be on your server as much as i can. i also hav =e my own server where you can see my creations